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The other day I came across this article called The Too Many Aptitudes Problem, that struck a cord with me.  Googling around for more on the subject lead me to discover the term "scanner" and the work of Barbara Sher.  Barbara writes and speaks about people who are interested in many things and struggle with settling on any one activity.  A lot of what she describes sounded familiar so to my Kindle went her book Refuse to Choose!

In one section she talks about redefining complete for projects where one has gotten out of them what they wanted but that are not strictly finished.  These complete projects get bundled up and stored on "Your Life's Work Bookshelf."

One of the labels suggested for this bookshelf is "Souvenirs of an Adventurous Mind" which has a nice ring to it.  For some time I have been wanting to showcase my various interests, projects, and achievements.  Coming up with a unifying theme that covers cooking, photography, spaceflight, woodworking, gardening, computers, gadgets, parenting, books, business ideas, and what ever else piques my interest has been a stumbling block.  But like the book says, it is okay to refuse to choose and just explore all that interests me.

This site is intended become a collection of the various interesting tidbit that I come across as well as a showcase for some of the larger projects that I have completed.  I hope that you will enjoy my souvenirs as much as I have enjoyed collecting them.